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Light Weaver is a first person puzzle game by 707 Games, a student group from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Answer the call of your ancestral home!

The great city of Wanaku has been slowly flooding for nearly a century. As one of its last remaining residents, you have been chosen to save it.

13 Challenging Puzzles

Work your way through 13 levels utilizing 4 unique mechanics. Wanaku's temples will test your problem solving skills and reward your creativity.

Companion Cooperation

Wanaku cannot be saved alone. Mari, your companion, will offer fully voiced explanations to help guide you through the vast, ancient city.


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finished the game. very nice!

Found a few bugs but restart levels had helped.

just finished the game, i loved the puzzles, they're hard but no so hard that you rage quit but sometimes it is a bit difficult to find the end point

great game! I like it.


Just finished this game up and I was blown away.  There was a glitch where I fell through the floor but after a level restart the issue went away and it was the only one I experienced.  

The levels were designed well and the learning curve was appropriate.  I loved the final challenge; I could see what needed to be done but there was still a difficulty to it.  The only thing was I was so pumped after solving it that I wanted more but that was the end. 


I really enjoyed this game, The level design was great!


We played Lightweaver on our little game design show - taking a look at the core mechanics and puzzle design in the game, and how things work.


I adored this game! This puzzles were all so uniquely challenging and Mari was freaking adorable (until she started sassing me then she became kinda like Glados). I honestly had so much fun! I did make a small gameplay video for it on my gaming channel, not a walkthrough, just gameplay and my reaction so not for people looking to cheat the puzzles haha. If you got the chance to check it out I'd really appreicate it. In the meantime, thank you for creating such a unique puzzle game!  

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed it. We posted your video on our Facebook page so you might get a few extra views!

Wow! I'm glad you enjoyed my gameplay! Thank you so much!


Great game guys. Just the right length and challenge for an enjoyable labor day evening  :) Mari is adorable!


very fun love it so far.


Absolutely love this game, fantastic work. Beautiful visual design, awesome music and Mari is adorable. I fell through the floor once but other than that it's damn good! I'm excited to see what your team has in store for the future!


Hey CoalFire, thanks for playing our game! Glad you enjoyed it. Our artists and composer were incredibly talented, they really did bring the whole experience to life. I watched your video, it's really great seeing someone figure things out and have that "ah-ha!" moment. I also like your animated head in your video haha, never seen that before! Keep up the good work.


Managed to finish and I kinda wish I could take Mari home. :)

Thanks for playing and we're glad you enjoyed the experience! I watched your video and noticed a few issues you were having. We'll take a look at see about fixing them in the next update! Thanks again for playing and for your feedback.

Thanks for watching. I didn't plan on going so long but Lightweaver does hook. :) 


You made an astonishing game people! The atmosphere and the visuals are amazing, and also the gameplay is fresh and challenging, not too hard though, and the companion is hilarious to mess around with :D

I made a video playing your game: 

if you want to check, best of luck for your future projects, cheers!

PS. next time you better call a plumber a little bit before the city is completely underwater!

Thanks for playing! I watched your video and thought it was hilarious, great comments and  editing. Watching others play is also very helpful for fixing some problem areas!